Managing Associate Mindaugas Jablonskis Elected to the Board of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration


Mindaugas Jablonskis, the Managing Associate of Raidla Lejins & Norcous, was elected to the Board of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration (VCCA) for a three-year term. The new Board of VCCA was elected at the general meeting of the founder’s and national industry associations such as ICT Association Infobalt, Lithuanian Business Confederation, Lithuanian Banks Association, Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association Linava, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce Industry and Crafts, and the Lithuanian Lawyers' Association on 30 October, 2012. Academician and Professor Dr Vytautas Nekrošius was elected Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the VCCA.

About VCCA

Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration is a permanent arbitration institution, which may also organise mediation and conciliation procedures or may act as an appointing authority in ad hoc arbitration. The institution was founded in 2003 as a result of the merger between the Arbitration Court at the Association International Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and Vilnius International Commercial Arbitration. The new Law on Commercial Arbitration entered into force in 30 June, 2012. It will allow entrepreneurs to easier resolve their disputes in a shorter and faster way, thus it will lead to a reduction of the workload of the courts.